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Three easy step guide to your extinguisher signage in your building.


Samples below:

2. Now walk round your site and see if all extinguishers have signage above them.

Check the signage is correct for the type of extinguisher that is mounted in that location.

Extinguishers can become mixed up if they are used for inappropriate uses, like temporary door stops!

3. Can the extinguisher be seen or has it become hidden?

In warehouses extinguishers can become hidden when deliveries are not stored away.

In offices extinguishers can become hidden when furniture is moved around or stationary is left piled up and not stored away safety.

Shop store rooms can easily become blocked due to inadequate storage and extinguishers can be be found in sometimes behind racking.

If you find any of the above to be true within your site, or on your sites the distance is such that you can not easily see where the extinguisher is positioned. Then it is best to install additional signage mounted at a higher level.  Examples below:


If you do require any assistance please do call us and we will be happy help.

Firstly all fire extinguishers should have identification signage above them to give information as to which type they are and what type of fires they can be used on.