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Escape Signage 


Ten easy steps to evaluate the escape signage in your building.

  1. First look at the signage pictures below and their explanation. Many sites have incorrect signage installed, There are numerous reasons why this can happen, but a yearly signage review or during a review of the Fire Risk Assessment will high light these problems.


  1. Now walk round your site and see if the escape signage installed is different in any way to the examples above.


  2. While walking around note if there is any junctions in the escape route that are not signed up.

  3. Is the route you are walking the usual route in and out of the area, if so do the signs state Fire exit or Exit?


  4.   Are there any areas that have signs pointing the wrong way or are confusing?


  5.  Are there any areas that have two viable means of escape?


  6.  Which way are the arrows pointing?


  7.  Are all final exits covered?


  8. Are any signs loose?


  9. Have the signs led you to a place of safety?

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