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Fire Action Signage 

Four easy steps to evaluate the fire action signage in your building.

Fire Action Notices contain specific information which is reinforced with graphical symbols. Which is necessary for forming part of safety signage through escape routes. They convey important information to those finding a fire and those wishing to escape safety . Below are a sample of fire action notices:

This type of signage should be placed in conspicuous locations throughout the whole property.  Usually one of the best locations are next to fire alarm call points (break glass units)

All call points should have at least this sign by them.  

The fire action notice usually has this symbol on it, if not then this will need to be added by the call point.

Bespoke fire action notices can be made with specific information for your site.

Now walk through your building and check to see if you have fire action notices in conspicuous locations throughout the whole property.

Remember to check your signage after any refurbishment work has been carried out.

KRP Fire Protection Services can carry out a signage audit on your behalf if you feel unable do do so yourself.

If you have any questions regarding fire action notices call or email us today and we will help.