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Ethernet at up to 200Mbps (gross) across a meshed network

Fast enough to stream High Definition (HD) video

Filter socket to reduce electrical noise

Encrypted with 128bit AES security

Compatible with the HomePlug AV standard

Fits a UK standard two-gang 35 mm deep metal back box

Long data range of 300m (656ft) between the PE sockets

A maximum of 64 PE Sockets can be installed onto a single phase which would give you a maximium network of 256 ethernet network ports.

Now connecting your devices to the network is as simple and easy as plugging a plug into the mains.

All in one Ethernet enabled power socket

Simple networking solution

No rewiring needed — use existing mains cables Internet access everywhere in the building – connect any one of the PE sockets to the Internet router to share the Internet connection Connect a laptop, PC, printer, VoIP handset or game console, CCTV using a CAT5 cable to any PE Ethernet port

Built into the wall — cannot be easily unplugged or stolen.

Network can be quickly expanded without need for cabling

Easy to install without clutter or disruption

No networking knowledge required - PE Sockets are designed to automatically link to each other

Eliminates blackspots found with WiFi

Easy to expand - Simply add more Power Ethernet Sockets


Power Ethernet Socket.  Simple Solutions in a complex world

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