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Fire Safety Training

Poor installation can be down to detectors positioned in incorrect locations, heat detectors right above ovens, smoke detectors located in dusty or overly damp areas, poorly terminated cabling, etc.

Some activations are deliberate or due to poor project management this can be; Dust from building work where detectors are not protected, Staff that have not had full training, Poor house keeping, Lack of maintenance, People smoking within the property and People activating break glass units by mistake usually by the final exits as they try to open electronically locked access control doors.

It is possible in older systems or in combination with the above that detectors become faulty and need to be replaced. Proper maintenance can highlight devices that are beginning to be problematic.

Common Causes of False Alarms

There are many causes of false alarms (unwanted fire signals) in the workplace.  Some are due to poor installation, others are deliberate activations and of course you have faulty detectors.

The above are a few of the more common causes for false alarms, but there are many more causes too.