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Fire Alarms

KRP Fire Protection Services covers the whole range of testing and inspection for smoke and fire alarms.  We also test and inspect smoke ventilation systems (AOVs) in residential and commercial developments.  KRP has one of the most efficient and practical 24-hour emergency repair services on offer.

There are two main groups of detection systems –

Conventional Systems and Analogue Addressable Systems.  Conventional fire alarm systems have been around for many years and run on well proven technology.  They are normally used for smaller applications or where budget constraints exist.      

Addressable fire alarm systems add more flexibility, better diagnostics, point identification and more control.  They are normally used in larger commercial and large residential premises.

As an alternative to the above two traditional wired systems, we can also provide radio-based Wire-Free systems, which provide a number of unique features making them suitable for a wide range of applications.  These can provide numerous benefits including:

    Quick installation of sensors without causing damage to internal finishes.

    Minimal disruption caused by installation works.

    Easy removal or upgrades to systems, hence more flexibility for the client.

Wire-Free solutions are suitable for most buildings and provide an attractive alternative to buildings where traditional wired systems are difficult or expensive to install. A site survey is needed for these systems which of course is free.

Services Provided by KRP            

Professional installation for Conventional, Analogue Addressable and Wire-Free fire systems according to clients' budgets and building needs. 

Systems fully commissioned following installation and test certificates raised together with installation drawings.

Operation Manuals provided as required.

Old and New systems requiring Updating.

Additional equipment, or Repair are all given the same Professional care as a new installation. The works are commissioned and certificated to BS 5839-1.

Fully comprehensive fire and smoke alarm testing to Old and New systems in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5839-1. 

The 24-hour emergency repair service that gives our Clients added peace of mind should their systems ever fail, with the reassurance of a prompt and professional repair and restoration to service.

No matter who your system is manufactured by, our extensive and expert service means that KRP are capable of servicing virtually every alarm system on the market. So even if you have had several different equipment suppliers over the years, you will need only have one service provider – KRP Services.

We also offer our clients the newly designed Fire Log Book, which complies to the revised BS 5839-1