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Fire Safety Training

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Fire Safety Training

Do your key staff have the necessary understanding of fire procedures and their responsibilities in the event of a fire? We ensure your business complies with appropriate legislation and guidelines.

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Who should attend?

Under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 Part 2 all non-domestic premises should have designated staff trained as Fire Marshall/Wardens who provide fire safety assistance to staff, students, contractors and visitors in the property in the event of an emergency. The number of staff needing to be trained depends upon many factors:

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1. Most common causes of fire at work

2. The fire triangle

3. Arson at Work

4. Fire and Smoke spread

5. Fire Extinguishers and usage

6. Safety Signs

7. Action in the event of a fire

8. Duties of a Fire Marshall/Warden

9. Fire plans

10. Evacuation of disabled persons

1. The fire triangle

2. Most common causes of fire at work

3. Fire and Smoke spread

4. Fire Extinguishers and usage


1. Setting up procedures specific to the premises involved.

2. Supervision of an actual fire drill evacuation.

3. Debriefing on completion of the drill and recording the details in the Logbook.


This Course is aimed at those that have already taken Fire Marshall/Warden and / or Practical usage of Fire Extinguishers