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Fire Risk Assessment

The first step to preventing a fire is a fire risk assessment.  

Carrying out a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement (as of October 2006) and also brings real benefits to businesses. By taking just a few simple steps, employers will help to reduce fire risks and be able to prevent fires from breaking out. Considering that about 70% of businesses suffering from a fire never reopen, and those that do usually close within 3 years of the fire, then taking the time to do a fire risk assessment seems like a very sensible business investment. 

Some points to consider:                                            

Have you researched what is needed to cover fire risk assessment for your business?

Have you carried out a full fire risk assessment for your business and acted on its recommendations and trained your employees on overall fire safety?

Are you aware that, if you have 5 or more employees, then full documentary evidence of your fire risk assessment needs to be kept to allow inspection at any time?

Would your business stand up to an impromptu inspection from a fire brigade officer, who will need to see not only evidence of a fire risk assessment but also your up-to-date Log Book and test certificates?

We have some links which will help those that wish to see what is involved in carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment. These links are only a guild and come from the HM Government Archive.


Photos below of a few problems seen on many sites.

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