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Fire Safety Training

Multi Zone Panels

Large to small systems can now be upgraded, designed with this new equipment.


We have extended our range of actuators to cover nearly all possible needs.

Detection Equipment

We now supply and repair more makes of smoke ventilation systems

Under standing Signage

Why is there so many different styles of escape signage

In the last year we have seen new regulations being approved by the signage industry which is the International Standards (ISO 7010:2012). The British Standards (5499-4:2000) incorporates ISO 7010:2012 ....

Lifeline Paging System

The latest arrival in high performance panels, is the Lifeline paging system.

Lifeline combines three high specification solutions in one box: A complete DDA alert system that ensures the hearing impaired are alerted to a fire alarm; an ESPA compatible, detailed fire paging solution that passes live information of fire system status to pagers; and a staff paging solution that allows pre-programmed messages to be delivered to users.

 The range includes control panels, hand-held vibrating pagers and bed-side alarms that ensure that the hearing impaired are fully informed during a building fire or evacuation.

Staff and Alert Paging Systems More More More More More

We are now a supplier of the Dorgard range of products, including the SmartSound and Doorgard Pro.

The Dorgard Acoustic Fire Door Retainers are the safe, reliable and smarter choice for fire door retaining problems. With either the SmartSound which will actively listens for the sounder pattern of a fire alarm or the top of the range Pro units which will only activate upon an alarm signal.

While it' is tempting to hold fire doors open with wedges or, ironically, fire extinguishers. This is dangerous and in the event of a fire can cost lives and aid the spread of a fire which could result in fire insurance becoming void and the personal prosecution of directors, partners or proprietors of offending businesses and organisations.

The units can easily be installed and normally with out the aid of masses of wiring and then major decoration after. They complies fully with all relevant British Standards and EC Directives are tested to BS EN 1155 and accepted by the Fire Brigade Complies with BS 7273-4: 2015 Category Standard - Actuation of Release Mechanisms for Doors. The units we supply can legally hold open fire doors which greatly improves access throughout buildings - in line with the Equalities Act 2010