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Upgrading fire alarm system

Bahai Centre London

The UK Bahai National Centre in London is a building filled with history, it is the centre of the Bahai faith in the UK and has over the years been host to Royalty, members of parliament and various groups from round the world. And it has exquisite decor. The centre had a fire alarm system installed that needed upgrading. The main problem was a single escape staircase without sufficient coverage, of course when installed it conformed at that time. The dilemma was how to install automatic detectors into the building without damaging the decor as the property had just been full redecorated. Breaking into the existing wring was not an option nor chasing walls or running surface.

The best option was to install a hybrid system utilising the existing wiring and adding the flexibility of wireless devices. The complete refurbishment of the fire alarm system only took a day and included the installation of smoke detectors though out the escape routes, upgrading the fire alarm panel and replacing the old equipment.

Upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting units

Office lighting

We have recently helped one of our clients to up grade their office lighting. They had a hung grid ceiling with an array of various lighting units some of which were maintained emergency units.  They had wished not to change the whole ceiling but to improve the quality of light and make a uniformed appearance through out. Though the consultation it was agreed that we would replace the units with JCC Skytile units. Once the work was finished it was immediately apparent of the improvements to the illumination throughout, no dark areas and over time more savings should be made as the units use less energy than the original units and will in time pay for themselves.

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Safety Training

Fire Drills

Fire Warden Training


Over the last few years we have assisted City Living London with a number of projects, covering many aspects of fire safety

City Living London

Acorn Lodge came to us to first help with regular maintenance for their fire safety equipment..

Care within the community

Acorn Lodge
Bairds Malt

Bairds Malt is a unique site with many process’s operating at once, we are now looking at helping them with new challenges..


A new client wishing to have their new fire extinguishers commissioned and a site survey.

Installing new extinguishers

Mordon Hall