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Smoke Ventilation Systems

KRP are able to carry out regular testing, maintenance / service programs and any necessary repairs to a range of leading natural smoke ventilation systems to BS EN 12101, BS 5588-12:2004, BS 7346-1:1990, BS 7346-6:2005 and The Buildings Regulations Approved Document B. Where systems are designed to help disperse and remove harmful gases from buildings, particularly in escape corridors and escape stairs. Which is all important if the reliability and therefore life saving properties of that system are to be maintained.

A typical maintenance schedule will consist of  two pre-scheduled maintenance visits per year to conform with the British Standards Institution. During these visits the entire system is serviced and a report noted in the site's Log Book, and certificates then raised.

There are a few different smoke ventilation systems that can be installed. Most systems are designed to automatically open specific windows, doors, louvers or roof lights upon detection of smoke, then you may have a fan assisted system or one that allows the natural buoyancy of the hot gases to escape creating a smoke-free layer above the floor. This, of course, significantly improves the conditions for safe escape by occupants and can aid the fire brigade to tackle fire in its earlier stages. There is also pressurization systems which create a positive pressure within the escape route which keeps the escape route smoke free.

Systems are comprised of a combination of control panels, detectors, control points and actuators. AOV systems can stand alone or be interfaced into other building systems such as fire alarm or building management systems.

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